Thursday, September 11, 2008


First it was black then navy and trust me the new nail colour this fall will be grey. It's seriously hard to find, even finding images of people wearing this colour was difficult, but just trust me it's in. NYT just published an article on the importance of nails apparently the feet and hands are now just as important as the face.  I definitely saw some grey nails in the slide show that goes along with this article. So if you can't find any grey nail polish but are dying to wear it before everyone else so you can tell them "I told you so". There are a couple options. 

1. Frantically search it out on E-bay you can seriously buy anything on E-Bay.

2. Why not put your old black nail polish to good use mix it with some white and voila instant grey.

3. Use a grey paint marker. Sounds weird yes but it will totally work and it's way easier to apply than normal nail polish.

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sarah nicole said...

i think my friend paige spent half the summer (the first half, cause she's ahead like that) trying to mix the perfect dove grey.

i want a manicure now.