Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Image courtesy of Jak & Jil

Image courtesy of style.com

Image courtesy of American Apparel

I don't even know how to tell people, I told you soo on this one because frankly I don't know the proper name for these tights none the less they are everywhere. I've always loved sheer black tights, something about them is so sexy in a bit of a trashy way. Now these classics are getting a updated touch, sheer tights with opaque speckles which a little bit of girlish innocence. Tommy Ton recently snapped pictures of ladies donning Louboutin booties and stylish speckle clad ankles. The runway of
Collette Dinnigan showed off the trend. And American Apparel seems to be picking up on it as well, their cute calf-highs are right on the mark and a welcome change, after all how many pairs of butt-less tights can one girl own.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I love the altered cardigan to show off the bump, image courtesy of Jak & Jil,

I know it doesn't look like it but she has one, image courtesy of Jak & Jil

Heidi Klum

Karolina Kurkova

Adriana Lima

I thought this would be the most appropriate I told you soo to follow KIDS. Afterall I'm pretty sure a baby bump is the first step to getting a little kiddy. And it's a great excuse if you just want to show of your ponch. Jak & Jil photographer Tommy Ton snapped many a gorgeous picture of beautiful fashionistas showings off their bumps during Paris Fashion Week. It's probably the only time in these women's lives when they will be wearing clothing to draw attention to the fattest part of their bodies. Models are also hopping on the band wagon. Our favourite model/tv hostess Heidi Klum just gave birth last week to a little baby girl, and in the nine months prior she didn't miss a moment to display her bump. Two other Victoria Secret alums Karolina Kurkova and Adriana Lima were seen rubbing each others bellies, and not just to compare the smoothness of their model perfect skin. So if you're planning to get pregnant sometime soon or just happen to gain a few extra pounds it's definitely the right time to do it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Tavi Genvinson Image courtesy of Style Rookie Tavi

Asia Zahm image courtesy of Purple Diary

Little Sartorialist image courtesy of The Sartorialist

Chic kids? The sticky, whiny and generally unstylish children that were hidden in playrooms until they were old enough to start wearing designer duds, are making their presence felt. With the introduction of high end kiddy fashion like
Stella McCartney's mini clothing line for the GAP, these children can be just as stylish as their older counter parts. This may be why kids are showing up all over the place. Tavi Gevinson the 13 year old super blogger was been spotted at many a fashion show in Paris this past season. Asia Zahm is becoming as well know as her papa (Purple co-founder Olivier Zahm), and she's so much cuter to look at. Even The Sartorialist can sense the children are our fashion future letting his daughter take the reins and photograph on occasion. So not be childish or anything but, I told you soo.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Awful D.I.Y. sweatshirt from the days of yore

PS I made this showcases a perfect faux fur vest

Wotton Cool made these tights to look like the much pricier ones below

I don't really know if I can make this an I told you soo but it seems like D.I.Y. projects are popping up everywhere and I really should have posted about it months ago. A friend and I are constantly going through stores saying how we could make half of the stuff they sell for half the price, (think those $30 feather headbands sold at Urban Outfitters). Then the other day we had a thought, why not blog about it! It's genious! Well yes it is; and that's why there are plenty of other people who have already thought of it. Blogs like P.S. I made this and Wotton Cool showcase amazing D.I.Y. projects. Sadly D.I.Y. always seems to get a bad wrap. Picture do it your self, and picture deseveled looking women wearing sweatshirts with rhinestones glued to them. With the recession still upon us I think we should all try a little D.I.Y. and prove the stereotype wrong, while saving money.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


United Bamboo Cat Calendar images courtesy of The Cut

Mui Mui Spring 2010 image courtesy of Purple Diary

Image courtesy of Vogue

So i told you soo has been out of commission for a while, but I'm bringing it back I swear. Cat's and women seem to have a unfortunately negative association. Either you're a catty bitch...or even worse you're a cat lady. Being catty is always the preferable choice, but it seems like recently crazy cat lady isn't as bad as it seems. We all remember a few months ago when Vogue had a spread that featured the stylish side of cats. Creative Director
Grace Coddington apparently saw this trend coming far in advance of the the people at paris fashion week. Cat's have been popping up everywhere. Mui Mui's Spring 2010 Show featured prints with cats all over them. However if your going to be a cat lady I feel like the real deal is so much better. Thank god for United Bamboo, they've brought out a calendar featuring mini cat sized outfits so you can dress to match your cat. Since the clothes are beautiful I think it's totally acceptable to dress like your fluffy friend. So next time you see a crazy cat women running down the street screaming "I told you soo!" look twice to see if she's wearing Spring 2010 Mui Mui.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


January 2009 -i-D magazine cover


Heidi Klum - Germany's Next Top Model

David Bowie

Daryl Hannah as Elle Driver in Kill Bill VII

I thought this eye patch trend may have been a figment of my imagination but apparently it's not. Just last weekend I was browsing through the president day sales at Henri Blendel and I overheard two sales women talking about eye patches as an accessory. Needles to say I wanted to run over to them and scream I told you soo. I kept my cool though and we had a great conversation about eye patches following in the great line of the "it bag" and the "it shoe". It's been popping up since the 70's, Rhianna and Heidi Klum have clearly caught on to the trend, coordinating their patches with their ensembles.  And just recently i-D magazine adorned cover girl Eniko Mihalik with a beautiful bejeweled piece of eye bling. So next time you accidentily spray your new perfume in your eye don't fret you can be the first to break out this new trend.

Monday, October 13, 2008


So I think this video basically says it all. I proves that Gareth Pugh is a dedicated reader of I told you soo. What else could explain his latest collection? The freaky collars that the queen of hearts from Alice in wonderland would love, and the black & white tights that are even better then their Chanel counter part. I feel like I should ask Gareth for some recognition but I think I will let it go. Making him an I told you soo is good enough.

Images & video courtesy of Style.com