Thursday, February 19, 2009


January 2009 -i-D magazine cover


Heidi Klum - Germany's Next Top Model

David Bowie

Daryl Hannah as Elle Driver in Kill Bill VII

I thought this eye patch trend may have been a figment of my imagination but apparently it's not. Just last weekend I was browsing through the president day sales at Henri Blendel and I overheard two sales women talking about eye patches as an accessory. Needles to say I wanted to run over to them and scream I told you soo. I kept my cool though and we had a great conversation about eye patches following in the great line of the "it bag" and the "it shoe". It's been popping up since the 70's, Rhianna and Heidi Klum have clearly caught on to the trend, coordinating their patches with their ensembles.  And just recently i-D magazine adorned cover girl Eniko Mihalik with a beautiful bejeweled piece of eye bling. So next time you accidentily spray your new perfume in your eye don't fret you can be the first to break out this new trend.


NimoAM said...

oh. rihanna. too soon.

sarah nicole said...

you know, one blog post does not a comeback make. get on it.

Carolyn said...

Hahah this is true sarah nicole. You are inspiring me to do better.