Saturday, October 10, 2009


United Bamboo Cat Calendar images courtesy of The Cut

Mui Mui Spring 2010 image courtesy of Purple Diary

Image courtesy of Vogue

So i told you soo has been out of commission for a while, but I'm bringing it back I swear. Cat's and women seem to have a unfortunately negative association. Either you're a catty bitch...or even worse you're a cat lady. Being catty is always the preferable choice, but it seems like recently crazy cat lady isn't as bad as it seems. We all remember a few months ago when Vogue had a spread that featured the stylish side of cats. Creative Director
Grace Coddington apparently saw this trend coming far in advance of the the people at paris fashion week. Cat's have been popping up everywhere. Mui Mui's Spring 2010 Show featured prints with cats all over them. However if your going to be a cat lady I feel like the real deal is so much better. Thank god for United Bamboo, they've brought out a calendar featuring mini cat sized outfits so you can dress to match your cat. Since the clothes are beautiful I think it's totally acceptable to dress like your fluffy friend. So next time you see a crazy cat women running down the street screaming "I told you soo!" look twice to see if she's wearing Spring 2010 Mui Mui.

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