Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Tavi Genvinson Image courtesy of Style Rookie Tavi

Asia Zahm image courtesy of Purple Diary

Little Sartorialist image courtesy of The Sartorialist

Chic kids? The sticky, whiny and generally unstylish children that were hidden in playrooms until they were old enough to start wearing designer duds, are making their presence felt. With the introduction of high end kiddy fashion like
Stella McCartney's mini clothing line for the GAP, these children can be just as stylish as their older counter parts. This may be why kids are showing up all over the place. Tavi Gevinson the 13 year old super blogger was been spotted at many a fashion show in Paris this past season. Asia Zahm is becoming as well know as her papa (Purple co-founder Olivier Zahm), and she's so much cuter to look at. Even The Sartorialist can sense the children are our fashion future letting his daughter take the reins and photograph on occasion. So not be childish or anything but, I told you soo.

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