Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Awful D.I.Y. sweatshirt from the days of yore

PS I made this showcases a perfect faux fur vest

Wotton Cool made these tights to look like the much pricier ones below

I don't really know if I can make this an I told you soo but it seems like D.I.Y. projects are popping up everywhere and I really should have posted about it months ago. A friend and I are constantly going through stores saying how we could make half of the stuff they sell for half the price, (think those $30 feather headbands sold at Urban Outfitters). Then the other day we had a thought, why not blog about it! It's genious! Well yes it is; and that's why there are plenty of other people who have already thought of it. Blogs like P.S. I made this and Wotton Cool showcase amazing D.I.Y. projects. Sadly D.I.Y. always seems to get a bad wrap. Picture do it your self, and picture deseveled looking women wearing sweatshirts with rhinestones glued to them. With the recession still upon us I think we should all try a little D.I.Y. and prove the stereotype wrong, while saving money.

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