Monday, August 25, 2008


I am  a huge fan of overpriced magazines. For some reason paying $14 for a magazine gives me a little adrenalin rush. British Vogue at $10.95 a pop always seems to be a bit better then it's American counter part that sells for a mere $4.95. When I travel suddenly a cheap magazine seems exotic and cool because of it's exaggerated price tag. Nylon might be easy to come by here, but is quite the find in Italy. The $10-$20 price bracket isn't getting me going these days however. Thank god then for Visionaire, whose issues are super pricey and  like little art pieces. This magazine (if you can even call it that) totally pulled an i told you soo, they are selling their issues for as much as $750. So no more free magazines ( ie. Vice), I think the old saying how good can the milk be if the cow is selling it for free really applies. $750 milk tastes allot better then the free stuff. 


Shift Operations said...

I'm lactose intolerant, but I agree.

Vaneska said...

Sad, but true.